About us

Man is on an eternal quest to find meaning to his life and fulfil himself. He tries to find fulfilment and joy in accomplishments and relationships.  But rarely do we find true joy in life, nor do we find lasting peace and contentment. Where do we search and how do we find our true Self?

We are like children in a vast fair ground, separated from our mother. We stand entranced at the glitter of the many coloured lights and the toys and sweets displayed in the stalls. But after a few minutes, we start searching frantically for our mother. We will be distracted again and again by the artificial wonders of the fair ground, be we will find safety and joy only when we are reunited with our mother. The world is a fairground  and we will never find eternal bliss and contentment from it.

Amrita Books paves the path for us to be united with our true mother, to turn inwards and find the inner essence of lasting peace and contentment. Amrita Books brings for you the wise words of sages, the true inheritance of mankind.

The words of Amma, Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, known throughout the world as the Hugging Saint inspire us and guide us to find the meaning for our life, to unearth the buried treasure of bliss within us. We invite you to read her books and taste the essence of Life and Living, as She guides us to our true state of eternal bliss.